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Crown Sale Issue
Veröffentlicht von Lord Friendly (Firefly) am 18 April 2014 10:12 AM

There was a problem with the crowns sale from midnight - 10am (BST) and some players may not have been allocated the extra sale crowns.  We will allocate the crowns to the players affected asap.

The problem is now fixed and all new purchases will work correctly.

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Recent Graphical Problems and Errors
Veröffentlicht von Lord Efficient (Firefly) am 14 April 2013 07:31 PM

Many players have reported strange graphical errors recently and we believe that this may have something to do with the most recent Nvidia Drivers.  Many people have reported similar errors with other games when using this most recent driver.

The older driver can be found here:

(Windows Vista and Windows 7)

(Windows XP)
Please try to rollback your driver to this earlier version to see if this corrects your problem.


Cards known to have this problem include:


NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430


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Shields not Shown on World 7
Veröffentlicht von Lord Efficient (Firefly) am 14 April 2013 04:04 PM

We are aware of an issue with Shields not appearing in game on World 7.  Please do not submit tickets about this issue.  We are working on a solution and hope to have this issue resolved by early next week.


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BigPoint and Aeria Players
Veröffentlicht von Lord Efficient (Firefly) am 21 March 2013 04:04 PM



If you are playing Stronghold Kingdoms via BigPoint or Aeria, you will not be able to log into this Support site with your game details.  You will need to create and register an account for support. For specific problems with BigPoint or Aeria please contact Support at BigPoint or Aeria:




BigPoint Support -  http://www.bigpoint.com/support


Aeria Support -   http://www.aeriagames.com/contact

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Support Languages
Veröffentlicht von Lord Efficient (Firefly) am 06 March 2013 01:37 PM

Support is offered in only English, German, French, Russian, and Spanish.  We will be adding Polish Support in the near future.


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