Connectivity Issues Update [Expired]
Posted by Lord Efficient (Firefly) on 25 February 2016 02:53 PM


Unfortunately we are continuing to see connectivity issues affecting some Stronghold Kingdoms players, particularly those from Germany and Russia.

All week we have been prioritising our resources to try to understand the cause of the connectivity issues. Thanks to a number of players sending us their trace route data we have been able to identify a pattern to the problems. It appears that the connectivity issues occur when the Internet traffic from your ISPs to or from our Amazon AWS servers goes through specific Internet routes, namely (owned by Vodafone) and

Over the last day or so we have seen posts on the Amazon AWS forums from companies that also have servers hosted in the Amazon AWS East zone. They are also reporting connectivity issues from users around the world. Their trace route data points to and, just the same as ours.

We have now referred this issue back to Amazon AWS and given them all the evidence we have collected over the last few days. Hopefully they will now take this issue more seriously and look into it further.

We are sorry to hear of the frustration this is causing some players. We unfortuantely have no control over this situation. We will continue to urge Amazon into action and hopefully the situation will be resolved soon.