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Account Sitting
Posted by Lord Efficient (Firefly) on 11 December 2012 01:52 AM
The Account Sitting system has been discontinued.  As of the update on December 12, 2012 players will be able to access Vacation Mode from the My Account menu in the game.  Please remember that you should never log in to any other player's account for any reason.
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Internet Explorer Issues
Posted by Lord Efficient (Firefly) on 23 April 2012 10:39 PM
Many players have reported difficulties during the registration process and purchasing crowns when using Internet Explorer as their default web browser. To better troubleshoot players' issues in these areas, we first generally ask them to make another attempt using a browser other than Internet Explorer.

These browsers are both free.

Chrome can be found here:

Firefox can be found here:

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Posted by Lord Efficient (Firefly) on 22 April 2012 09:35 PM

To link your Stronghold Kingdoms account with your Forum account, click the text on the forum login screen as shown here:


Enter the e-mail you used for your account and your account password.  This will then allow you to post on the forum. 

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Invited Friends
Posted by Lord Efficient (Firefly) on 06 April 2012 01:31 AM

A player can see the status of their invites by clicking on the Invite a Friend icon on the All Cards screen.  This will open a page in the web browser which shows all of the invitations that they have successfully sent, as well as if the player has joined the game and if they have purchased crowns.    If they have purchased crowns a yellow button will be visible, click on that to collect your crowns bonus. Only the friend's first purchase, up to 1500 crowns will be credited. 

If you do not see the invited friend in your list, this means that you have not successfully invited them.  

If the friend does not join the game via the invitation you sent, you will not be able to claim your free gift if they purchase crowns.  

We are unable to retroactively invite a player for you, or credit your account with a matching gift of crowns if the user did not join the game via the invitation.  

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Crowns Not Credited
Posted by Lord Alacrity (Firefly) on 12 March 2012 04:03 PM

There have been some delays with crowns being credited to game accounts when purchasing via PayPal.  If you provide us with your transaction ID and/or your Firefly receipt number we will be able to check the status of your purchase and expidite delivery of the crowns to your game account.


If you open a dispute with PayPal regarding a purchase which has not appeared on your account yet, this will make it much more difficult to resolve your issue and will considerably delay receipt of the crowns.

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Forum Registration
Posted by Lord Alacrity (Firefly) on 05 March 2012 05:40 PM
We are aware of problems users are having logging in to the forums.  All affected users will be receiving an e-mail with their Forum login details within the next 24-48 hours.  
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