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Setting an attack target other than the default when a catapult is placed, can be done by selecting a catapult and right clicking the target area. 

If you have encountered either login issues or issues starting the Stronghold Kingdoms Mac client on OS/X, please email us at


Please include the following information:

1) The Mac OS name and version number, along with machine details. This information can be found within the Apple icon in the top left of the screen and then by clicking on 'About this Mac' and note (or send a screenshot) the details. The 'Storage' and 'Memory' tabs would also be useful to let us know about.

2) Information about your virus checker, which type is it and the version number.  Have you tried allowing 'Stronghold Kingdoms' or disabling the virus checker for 10 minutes while running SHK ?

3) The SHK account you are using, is it an existing SHK account or a newly created account?