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There is no way for players to see the status of another player's game account. If a game account becomes blocked, all the villages associated with that game account will be deleted via routine server maintenance according to the inactivity timer appropriate for their rank.

We encourage players to use the language of the world on which they are playing for all public communications. Players who persist in using non-native languages in chat or other public forums may have their access to these restricted.

Moderators are volunteer players who interact closely with the Firefly staff and assist in maintaining the overall quality and integrity of the game. Moderators may issue other players restrictions on their use of the in game chat, mail, forum, and parish wall. These restrictions typically last from between one and seven days.

After you buy a Premium token it must be activated for it to work.


To activate a premium token:

  1. Open the Card screen
  2. Click on Buy Premium Token. Any unactivated Premium tokens will be shown on the top left of the screen
  3. Click on the Premium Token you wish to activate


Once it is activated it will show on the right top of the screen with a timer showing how much time is left on it. Just like cards, once a premium token is active on a particular game world, it is only active on that game world, not across all game worlds.

Each individual may use only ONE game account

Logging into any game account other than your own may lead to your account becoming temporarily or permanently blocked. The length of the suspension will be shown in the connection message. If no length is specified, this means that the ban is permanent.

Stronghold Kingdoms is a free to play game. There are no premium subscription accounts.  Players can however play a Premium Token that gives them access to extra features for a period of time (2, 7 or 30 days) that can be very useful:

  • Extra building queue slots
  • Extra research queue slots
  • Move village buildings
  • Villages overview page
  • Offline auto-trading
  • Offline auto-scouting
  • Offline auto-attacking
  • Offline auto-recruiting
  • Vacation mode

NOTE: A Premium Token only effects the world on which it was put into play


For more information about Premium Tokens and a more detailed explantion of the extra features, please visit the wiki:


Remoting Exception Errors typically pop up during times of extreme server stress.  If you experience multiple Remoting Exception errors over a short period of time, please send a ticket to alert us of the problem. 


If you are frequently experiencing errors like the one displayed in the image below, it might be the result of an old DNS cache. Please try to flush your DNS and let us know if this resolves the issue.

For instructions on how to flush your DNS cache, please visit


Connection Error













Connection problems such as Remoting Exceptions may occur because of a slow, or a poor quality connection to the game servers or by specific restrictions on your local internet connection.  

Others may be caused by internet security or anti-virus software installed on your local machine which is monitoring or restricting internet traffic.  Please try turning off any programs which may be restricting your connectivity and be sure you are running Stronghold Kingdoms as an Administrator.  

Connection trouble can be caused by many different sources.

  • Dial-up, Satellite, Cellular, Air Cards (EVDO/LTE/4G) or other non-broadband internet connections can cause connectivity issue or cause frequent disconnections. We do not recommend using any of these types of connections to play the game.
  • Connecting through a wireless router may also cause issues. Wireless connections are slower than physical connections and are prone to interference. You can try connecting directly using a physical cable to see if that solves the issue.
  • Faulty or incorrectly setup computer and networking hardware can also cause issues. If you suspect this might be the source of your problem, you will need to contact the manufacturer of that hardware or a computer repair professional for further assistance.

This may also be a result of an old DNS cache.  Information on flushing your DNS cache can be found here:  You may also wish to try using a different DNS server.  Information on changing your DNS server can be found here:

Windows has a built in program that can give you a report of what is happening when you try and communicate with a site or service on the internet. Below are instructions on using this command.
      1. Press the "Start" button on your Windows taskbar and then select "Run".
      2. Type cmd and then hit "Enter"
      3. This should open a command prompt.
      4. Type tracert and then hit "Enter".

The numbers represent the number of milliseconds it takes to talk to our servers. All of your times should be below 250ms and the total number of lines should be less than twenty. An asterisk (*) is a bad sign as it means that some of the information you sent did not arrive. If the numbers are over 300ms this means your connection to our servers is slow. If you perform a tracert and you do not get any reply, or it fails altogether then it is a problem with your computer or network. If it fails on the first few lines likely it is a problem within your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If it gets out of your ISP's servers and starts failing then it may be a routing issue.

Unfortunately, Stronghold Kingdoms Support is unable to assist with connectivity problems and we advise you to speak with your network administrator or internet service provider.

Currently the login servers are responding very slowly.  We are working to correct this situation.  We thank you for your patience and ask that you do not submit tickets about this issue.

As with all DLC on Steam and each redeemable Stronghold Kingdoms code, only one Starter Pack can be redeemed per Kingdoms account. 

If the Steam Starter Pack is already in your library you should see this warning during the purchase process. 

Which states you cannot purchase more than one copy of the steam starter pack. 

As with all DLC on Steam and each redeemable Stronghold Kingdoms code, only one Starter Pack can be redeemed per Kingdoms account. 

If the Steam Starter Pack is already in your library you should see this warning during the purchase process. 

Which states you cannot purchase more than one copy of the steam starter pack. 

When logging into Stronghold Kingdoms on your mobile device either Android or iOS, you will need to sign in with the email address and password used to create your account. 

If you are unsure about the email used to create your account, start stronghold kingdoms via Steam and click on Account details in the Stronghold Kingdoms Client.

If you have installed Stronghold Kingdoms and started to play but need to login as an existing player. Here is how to do this on iOS and Android devices.


1. Delete Stronghold Kingdoms
2. Reinstall the App and select - 'I am an existing user'


1. With Stronghold Kingdoms installed
2. Select Settings
3. Apps
4. Stronghold Kingdoms
5. Storage
6. Clear Data
7. Start Stronghold Kingdoms and select - 'I am an existing user'

If you wish to change your password for either the support site or forum follow the following steps:


  1. Please go to
  2. Select Login in the top right corner
  3. Select 'forgotten password?'
  4. Enter the email address linked to your SHK player account


This will reset your password for the game, forum and support site.  It is very important that your registered e-mail address is able to receive mail from, so please be sure these are not sent to a Spam folder.  If you will be losing access to your registered e-mail address, you can set a contact e-mail, which must be confirmed from the registered e-mail address.  Unfortunately, if you have lost access to your registered e-mail address, you will be unable to recover your account.  



In order to buy crowns via Steam you must make sure that your "Enable Steam Community in Game" option is active. You can find this by going to Settings in Steam and clicking on the "In Game" tab.

If you have experienced an error when opening card packs, please log out of the game, re-open the client and log in again. The cards from the card packs will have been added to your card inventory.

We are unable to reply to individual requests regarding account blockages. If your account has been blocked it has been blocked in accordance with the guidelines which you agreed to in the Terms of Use and/or Game Rules.

All players must read and agree to both the Game Rules and the Terms of Use in order to play the game. If you do not understand these, please seek the appropriate guidance in comprehending them. We're sorry that we are unable to assist you further.

If you have an offer code follow the following steps to redeem it.


New Players - Download the game at and after installing the game, register for a Stronghold Kingdoms account.


1. Run Stronghold Kingdoms

2. Login using your email address and password

3. Click on ‘Account Details'

4. Scroll down to the section titled ‘Offer Codes'

5. Type your code into the ‘Redeem Code’ box and press enter

6. Log out and back in again to receive confirmation and a summary of the redeemed items

How to Find Your Items

You can find all redeemed card packs, premium tokens, and card points in-game by clicking on the ‘Show All Cards’ icon in the middle of the top panel.

Please Note: Codes can only be redeemed once. In some cases, the codes will be deactivated after a certain period of time. 

Chat, Mail, and Forum restrictions imposed by moderators or administrators typically last between one and seven days. After this point, the functionality of these features will return.

This problem maybe caused by an issue with access rights.

To resolve this problem change the access rights (and allow your current user and network services full write-ability access) to the folder specified in the error message or delete the specified file. Also be sure that you are running Stronghold Kingdoms with full local administrator privileges on the computer.

Before goods can be sent from one of your current villages to a new village, you must have the correct storage buildings for the goods placed. If merchants are sent with resources to the new village before a Stockpile, Granary, and Inn are placed, these resources will be lost.

When redeeming a code you may receive the following error message: "This code has already been claimed."

As the error message suggests this means the code has already been entered either by yourself or another player or possibly entered incorrectly.

The two most common causes of this are:

1) There has been an error entering the code.  Please try to enter the code again, just in case you typed it incorrectly.

2) The code was obtained from a "keyseller".  Keysellers are internet sites that re-sell unauthorised keys and codes for games.  The codes on these sites are often free codes from old promotions that are now being sold at an inflated price.  Firefly does not supply codes to any keysellers.

Quite often these codes do not work.  As a result Firefly strongly encourages players not to buy codes from keysellers.  If you do buy a code from a keyseller and it does not work then there is nothing Firefly can do.  Please contact the keyseller and ask for a refund. 


Only the iOS Starter Code has been sent out so far.  If you registered for the Android Starter Code this will be sent out over several days beginning the 31st of August when the Android version launches.  Please check your junk/spam folders for the email.  Support is unable to distribute codes or credit these retroactively. 

If you receive the error displayed below, you may need to install or turn on .NET Framework 3.5

To do this, please follow the steps below.

Windows 7, 8 and 10

1. Open Control Panel
2. Open programs
3. Under Programs and Features, select Turn Windows features On or Off
4. Make sure that .Net Framework 3.5 (includes ,Net 2.0 and 3.0) has been selected

OS older than Windows 7

Please follow this link below, download the program and follow the installation instructions.

Problem - Crown purchase doesn't work through the game or website – Displays "not logged on" but at the same time as saying "logged on" (top right). 

Solution - 

Cookies being disable for will cause this issue. Open Microsoft Edge and click on -

1. Three dots in the top right corner
2. Click on 'Settings'
3. Scroll to the bottom. Click on the 'View Advanced settings'
4. Scroll to Cookies and ensure this reads 'Don't block cookies'

Alternatively, you could visit in another browser, logging in and purchase Crowns.





 Stronghold Kingdoms randomly crashes/stopped working.




 Exiting the following applications may help to resolve the crashing problem -

AMD Gaming Evolved Client