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In order to place additional troops in a castle, guard houses need to be placed.

In order to access guard houses, you need to research Defences within the Military tree.

Initially the castle can only hold 20 troops but each guard house allows an additional 10 troops to be placed within the castle, and a maximum of 38 may be placed, allowing you to place a maximum of 400 troops.

The maximum number of troops can be temporarily increased by playing either the Improved Guard Houses, Advanced Guard Houses or Expert Guard Houses card.


To have a maximum of 500 troops you must have Command researched to level 10, this is located within the military tree of research.

If Command is researched to level 10, this doesn't not mean 500 troops can be placed in a players village. This number is affected by the amount of other units you have created, which use up unit space. Scouts and merchants will use 10 unit spaces each while monks will use 25 unit spaces.

See Units for further information :

Using a Vassal will allow you to have a second army of 500 troops: