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Sometimes you may see the following:

  • research getting stuck at 0
  • villagers not arriving
  • new stashes: wolf camps, ai, castles not spawning
  • resources going into minus figures
  • incorrect figures for merchants
  • scouts or monks not working correctly

These problems are related to the Stronghold Kingdoms servers.  Please log out, wait 10 minutes and login again.  There is no need to send in a ticket about any of these issues.

Before goods can be sent from one of your current villages to a new village, you must have the correct storage buildings for the goods placed. If merchants are sent with resources to the new village before a Stockpile, Granary, and Inn are placed, these resources will be lost.

Модераторы - это добровольцы, помогающие Firefly в поддержке общего качества игры. Модераторы не имеют никаких дополнительных прав в игре, кроме возможности удалять сообщения на форумах.


My village was attacked by another player and as a result all the forces of the enemy were killed my village was lost in spite of this.


The error is that the battle which you are viewing is shown incorrectly.  Certain elements which were actually present during the battle are not correctly rendered when the battle is replayed for you. The final report is the correct version of events.