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We encourage players to use the language of the world on which they are playing for all public communications. Players who persist in using non-native languages in chat or other public forums may have their access to these restricted.

Moderators are volunteer players who interact closely with the Firefly staff and assist in maintaining the overall quality and integrity of the game. Moderators may issue other players restrictions on their use of the in game chat, mail, forum, and parish wall. These restrictions typically last from between one and seven days.

Questions or issues reported to support must be composed in the languages supported in the game worlds (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish and Brazilian-Portuguese). Please be sure to state your problem clearly, providing as many details as possible so that we are best able to assist you. Please provide screenshots if this helps to explain the problem.

As with all online games, sometimes there are glitches communicating with the server.  Before sending in a ticket it is often worth simply logging out and logging back into Stronghold Kingdoms*.  This can often fix a number of small issues that crop up. 

  1. Log out of the game
  2. Close the Stronghold Kingdoms program
  3. Re-open Stronghold Kingdoms
  4. Log into the game

If this does not fix the issue then please send us a support ticket.


* It's the SHK equivalent of restarting your computer when Windows goes wrong or hitting the TV!

You can change the contact e-mail address used to communicate from us to you.  This email will be used for password reset and billing e-mails.

To change the contact e-mail:

1) Log in to the game

2) Click on the Account Details button

3) Enter the new email address in the "Contact e-mail address" field (as displayed in the image below)

4) Click Save 




For Security reasons we require you to verify this change of address.  This is a 2 stage process:

1) You will be sent an e-mail to the previous contact address (in the above image this would be   This email contains a link you must click on to verify the address change.

2) You will also be sent an e-mail to the new "Contact e-mail address" (in the above image this would be containing a link that you must click on to approve the change.



The "Account e-mail address" (in the above image this would be is the email address you used when creating your Stronghold Kingdoms account.  It is the e-mail address you need to use to log in to Stronghold Kingdoms.  The e-mail address used to log in to Stronghold Kingdoms cannot be changed.

After successfully changing your "Contact e-mail address", no more emails will be sent to your "Account e-mail address" but this is still the e-mail address you need to use to log in to Stronghold Kingdoms.



Remoting Exception Errors typically pop up during times of extreme server stress.  If you experience multiple Remoting Exception errors over a short period of time, please send a ticket to alert us of the problem. 


A player can see the status of their invites by clicking on the Invite a Friend icon on the All Cards screen. This will open a page in the web browser which shows all of the invitations that they have successfully sent, as well as if the player has joined the game and if they have purchased crowns.

Invite a Friend

If you do not see the invited friend in your list, this means that you have not successfully invited them.

If the friend does not join the game via the invitation you sent, you will not be able to claim your free gift if they purchase crowns.

We are unable to retroactively invite a player for you, or credit your account with a matching gift of crowns if the user did not join the game via the invitation.

If you wish to change your password for either the support site or forum follow the following steps:


  1. Please go to
  2. Select Login in the top right corner
  3. Select 'forgotten password?'
  4. Enter the email address linked to your SHK player account


This will reset your password for the game, forum and support site.  It is very important that your registered e-mail address is able to receive mail from, so please be sure these are not sent to a Spam folder.  If you will be losing access to your registered e-mail address, you can set a contact e-mail, which must be confirmed from the registered e-mail address.  Unfortunately, if you have lost access to your registered e-mail address, you will be unable to recover your account.  



In order to buy crowns via Steam you must make sure that your "Enable Steam Community in Game" option is active. You can find this by going to Settings in Steam and clicking on the "In Game" tab.

If you have an offer code follow the following steps to redeem it.


New Players - Download the game at and after installing the game, register for a Stronghold Kingdoms account.


1. Run Stronghold Kingdoms

2. Login using your email address and password

3. Click on ‘Account Details'

4. Scroll down to the section titled ‘Offer Codes'

5. Type your code into the ‘Redeem Code’ box and press enter

6. Log out and back in again to receive confirmation and a summary of the redeemed items

How to Find Your Items

You can find all redeemed card packs, premium tokens, and card points in-game by clicking on the ‘Show All Cards’ icon in the middle of the top panel.

Please Note: Codes can only be redeemed once. In some cases, the codes will be deactivated after a certain period of time. 

Chat, Mail, and Forum restrictions imposed by moderators or administrators typically last between one and seven days. After this point, the functionality of these features will return.

As many of you are no doubt aware there are websites that sell codes for Stronghold Kingdoms.  These "keysellers" are not connected to Firefly in any way and are not authorised by Firefly to sell these codes.  These codes are obtained without our knowledge and are often free codes that we have used in old promotions and giveaways, that are then offered for sale by these websites.


If you purchase an unauthorised code from a keyseller please be aware of the following:

1) Firefly does not provide any support for unauthorised codes bought from keysellers.  The keyseller will not tell you this.

2) The promotional free codes we give away are time limited and so will stop working after a period of time.  The keyseller will not tell you this.

3) Codes provided by keysellers often do not work because they been previously used by another player.  The keyseller will not tell you this.

4) Buying unauthorised codes from keysellers makes us sad.  The keyseller will not tell you this.  :-(


If you have a problem with a code bought from a keyseller then you must contact the keyseller and ask for a refund.  Stronghold Kingdoms Support cannot provide you with replacement codes or help you arrange a refund.


We appreciate that everyone loves a "bargain" but please be aware that not all bargains are as bargainous as they appears and can involve jumping through lots of hoops.  Keysellers are an annoyance all games developers have to put up with but we ask players to think twice before using their services.

Don't forget we often run sales and giveaways in SHK so it's definitely worth following our Twitter feed ( and our FB page (  Also don't forget the Invite a Friend feature in the game which allows you to earn up to $160 of in-game items.

Problem - Crown purchase doesn't work through the game or website – Displays "not logged on" but at the same time as saying "logged on" (top right). 

Solution - 

Cookies being disable for will cause this issue. Open Microsoft Edge and click on -

1. Three dots in the top right corner
2. Click on 'Settings'
3. Scroll to the bottom. Click on the 'View Advanced settings'
4. Scroll to Cookies and ensure this reads 'Don't block cookies'

Alternatively, you could visit in another browser, logging in and purchase Crowns.