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The green skull icon means that parish has been struck down with the plague. Plague gives a negative popularity which gets worse over time if not cured. Luckily plague can be cured by monks.

The Healing x2, Advanced Healing x3 and Expert Healing x5 cards can also be used to increase the amount of healing.

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In order to join a Faction, you must be at least Rank 7 (Bondsman).

There are 2 ways to join a faction:

1. Invitation from a faction member.  When you are invited to join a faction, you will receive a report notifying you of the invitation.  You can accept faction invitations via the the Factions screen (see below).

2. Applying to join a faction with "open" membership.  Within the list of factions membership will be shown as either Open, Closed or Full. When you click on an Open Faction you will be shown the option to apply to join a faction by clicking on ‘Apply To Join’. This option will not be available if the Faction is Closed.

Click the Faction & House button to view information on factions and invitations to join factions:


If you wish to create your own faction then you must have reached at Rank 14 (Page) or above.

For more information please visit the Stronghold Kingdoms wiki: