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Sometimes you may see the following:

  • research getting stuck at 0
  • villagers not arriving
  • new stashes: wolf camps, ai, castles not spawning
  • resources going into minus figures
  • incorrect figures for merchants
  • scouts or monks not working correctly

These problems are related to the Stronghold Kingdoms servers.  Please log out, wait 10 minutes and login again.  There is no need to send in a ticket about any of these issues.

To queue research, move buildings and queue buildings requires a Premium token in play, if you were able to do this before, the Premium token you purchased may have expired.

Please see the wiki for more details:


You gain 3 research points for every level you increase your rank (including sub-ranks). You can also buy research points but the cost for this increases every time you buy one. You can lower the cost of buying research points by exploring the philosophy research branch.

For more information please visit the Stronghold Kingdoms wiki: