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If you are having problems with other players villages and parishes not showing on the map screen, this information should help you:

You can try locating and deleting the file/s “VillageData100.dat” (World 1) and/or "VillageData101.dat" (World 2)  located in the following folders. The files/folders are hidden though, so you may want to turn them on/visible (operating system dependant where it'll be located) :

Windows XP

* C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms (** hidden folders need to be visible)

Windows Vista 32/64 / Windows 7 32/64

* C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData (hidden folder)\Roaming\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms

Turn off the game then delete the file/s VillageData100.dat and/or VillageData101.dat then restart the game.


** If you open My Computer, click on Tools in the top menu open Folder Options and within the View tab you will see Hidden files and folders and Show hidden files and folders.

Question: I placed some formal gardens behind my village hall but I can't click on them. Anything I can do to select them?

Answer: Yes! Click on a building in your village and press the TAB key, this will cycle you to the next building, according to the order in which they were built.  To reverse cycle, hold down the SHIFT key and press the TAB key.


We are unable to modify, revert, reset, or restore any attributes of villages, parishes, or castles.  Please be careful when converting or abandoning a village!

If your Cards Per Week Veteran Level has not updated after your purchase of crowns, please log out of the game and log back in to update the level.

As with all online games, sometimes there are glitches communicating with the server.  Before sending in a ticket it is often worth simply logging out and logging back into Stronghold Kingdoms*.  This can often fix a number of small issues that crop up. 

  1. Log out of the game
  2. Close the Stronghold Kingdoms program
  3. Re-open Stronghold Kingdoms
  4. Log into the game

If this does not fix the issue then please send us a support ticket.


* It's the SHK equivalent of restarting your computer when Windows goes wrong or hitting the TV!

A player can see the status of their invites by clicking on the Invite a Friend icon on the All Cards screen. This will open a page in the web browser which shows all of the invitations that they have successfully sent, as well as if the player has joined the game and if they have purchased crowns.

Invite a Friend

If you do not see the invited friend in your list, this means that you have not successfully invited them.

If the friend does not join the game via the invitation you sent, you will not be able to claim your free gift if they purchase crowns.

We are unable to retroactively invite a player for you, or credit your account with a matching gift of crowns if the user did not join the game via the invitation.


  1. Please log out of the game and close it fully.
  2. Locate and delete the appropriate “VillageDataxxx.dat” file corresponding to the world you are playing on.  xxx refers to the World code. A full list of world codes is at the bottom of the page. e.g. English World 1 = VillageData100.dat

These files are located in the following folders (Hidden files/folders will need to be visible *):

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms

Windows Vista/7/8/10

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData (hidden folder)\Roaming\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms

If SHK was installed for All Users:

C:\User\Default\AppData\Roaming\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Kingdoms


* To make Hidden Files and Folders visible

Windows XP

Open My Computer, click on Tools in the top menu open Folder Options and within the View tab you will see Hidden files and folders, select "Show hidden files and folders".

Windows Vista/7/8/10

From the Start Menu Choose Computer/C: (or letter your drive is called) Then on the menu bar click on Organise/Folders And Search Options/View And within this view tab you will see Hidden Files and Folders, select "Show Hidden Files And Folders"


In order to buy crowns via Steam you must make sure that your "Enable Steam Community in Game" option is active. You can find this by going to Settings in Steam and clicking on the "In Game" tab.

If you are having problems buying crowns via Steam it maybe caused by the Steam servers being unavailable to process your request, possibly due to a maintenance window.  Please wait 15 minutes and then try the payment again.

If the problem persists please send us a ticket detailing the problem.

Before goods can be sent from one of your current villages to a new village, you must have the correct storage buildings for the goods placed. If merchants are sent with resources to the new village before a Stockpile, Granary, and Inn are placed, these resources will be lost.