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Invalid Security Certificate
Posted by Lord Friendly (Firefly), Last modified by Lord Victorious (Firefly) on 04 May 2016 02:47 PM

The Invalid Security Certificate message can be caused by 2 things:


1. The Security Certificate on our server is out of date and needs updating.  Our bad :-(

2. The date and time on your computer may be wrong for some reason.  Website security certificates are issued to be valid within a given date range. Your web browser compares the date of the certificate to the date on your computer to verify the date falls in a valid range. If the date of the certificate is too far outside the date on the computer, your browser will give you an invalid security certificate error because the browser thinks something is wrong. The fix for this problem is to set your computer clock to the correct date and time. It may require a reboot before your browser will view the problem as corrected.


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