Keysellers selling unauthorised codes
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As many of you are no doubt aware there are websites that sell codes for Stronghold Kingdoms.  These "keysellers" are not connected to Firefly in any way and are not authorised by Firefly to sell these codes.  These codes are obtained without our knowledge and are often free codes that we have used in old promotions and giveaways, that are then offered for sale by these websites.


If you purchase an unauthorised code from a keyseller please be aware of the following:

1) Firefly does not provide any support for unauthorised codes bought from keysellers.  The keyseller will not tell you this.

2) The promotional free codes we give away are time limited and so will stop working after a period of time.  The keyseller will not tell you this.

3) Codes provided by keysellers often do not work because they been previously used by another player.  The keyseller will not tell you this.

4) Buying unauthorised codes from keysellers makes us sad.  The keyseller will not tell you this.  :-(


If you have a problem with a code bought from a keyseller then you must contact the keyseller and ask for a refund.  Stronghold Kingdoms Support cannot provide you with replacement codes or help you arrange a refund.


We appreciate that everyone loves a "bargain" but please be aware that not all bargains are as bargainous as they appears and can involve jumping through lots of hoops.  Keysellers are an annoyance all games developers have to put up with but we ask players to think twice before using their services.

Don't forget we often run sales and giveaways in SHK so it's definitely worth following our Twitter feed ( and our FB page (  Also don't forget the Invite a Friend feature in the game which allows you to earn up to $160 of in-game items.

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