Card Play Problem
Posted by Lord Alacrity (Firefly) on 29 February 2012 10:11 PM
Currently the server upon which logins and card events are dependent is under unusually heavy strain. Many players have reported a variety of problems involving cards not being played correctly or being "lost".

There is an unusually long delay in the response time from the server confirming that a card has been set into play. Please realize that if you play a card, it may take much longer than is normal for the card to be successfully played. If you are unsure as to whether a card has been played, log out of the game and log back in to force an update of your current card inventory. Cards which are not successfully played are returned to your card inventory.

Some players have reported problems with claiming their free veteran level cards. Due to the increased reply time from the servers, there may be issues in correctly displaying the free card. the card will, however, be credited to your card inventory.

Cards cannot be "lost". If you have sent a valid command to the server to put a card into play, that card is not actually put into play until the action is confirmed by the server. If the command is not verified by the server, the card will automatically reappear in your card inventory after a period of time. Due to the current latency issues, this period of time may be much longer than usual.

Due to the high volume of tickets being sent in by players, we are currently unable to manually verify card inventories or play protocols.
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